• About Us


    ACC BuildingThe Asian Chamber of Commerce (ACC) was incorporated in the state of Colorado in February of 1984 as a 501 c(6) nonprofit organization.

    ACC’s mission includes:

    1. Supporting and promoting Asian-owned businesses, as well as providing information, resources, training, exposure, networking opportunities, monthly events and two major annual events. 
    2. Assisting Asian vendors and contractors in obtaining MBE/DBE certification, as well as in sharing requests for bids on various project opportunities.
    3. Assisting large corporations, government agencies and universities in enhancing their diversity programs to ensure greater diversity in procurement, project bids, employee candidate pools, customers and student populations.
    4. Providing services which are customized to effectively meet the needs of more than 15 various ethnic communities within Colorado’s Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) business community.
    5. Advocating for the AAPI community in national, state and local legislative issues.   
    6. Facilitating international trade and tourism.

    Ms. Maileen Hamto, editor of Colors of Influence provides an interview with President/CEO Clarence Low, which beautifully describes the forward-thinking and engaging work of the Chamber:


    The ACC has a volunteer board of directors comprising of 10 members who represent various Asian ethnicities and countries, as well as those who are interested in Asian business and cultures. The ACC’s network has grown to over 800 individual, small business, corporate and nonprofit members.