• Letter from the President & CEO

    Fran CampbellDecember 2021

    How could we have known at the beginning of 2021 that we would still be faced with months of disconnect, confinement and confusion.  The double crisis of COVID and Anti-Asian Hate could easily have crippled our Community.  However, the opposite happened.  Our Community rallied together, supported each other and revealed our collective strength.  And, in the face of these challenges, the Asian Chamber of Commerce maintained our goal of making connections and advocating for our Community.


    In 2021…

    • The ACC partnered with the Denver Economic Relief and Recovery Council and Colorado Minority Business Advisory Council to ensure equitable outreach of State and City COVID relief efforts.  This included distribution of PPE kits donated by City of Denver to AAPI Small businesses; and sharing grant and support opportunities with our network. 
    • The ACC co-coordinated COVID vaccine sites for the Hmong, Sakura and Simpson Methodist Church communities.
    • The ACC also partnered with the National Asian Chamber of Commerce and Entrepreneurs to secure $10k grants for qualifying AAPI restaurants in Colorado and Western region
    • The ACC also partnered with the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Denver to distribute thousands of disposable masks to AAPI small businesses and Community organizations
    • The ACC participated in the AAPI response to Anti-Asian Hate & Bias by coordinating press conferences, media statements, panel discussions and townhalls.
    • The ACC co-led the response to anti-Asian satire published by Greenwood Villager Newspaper.
    • The ACC presented over 30 AAPI DEI trainings to corporate, government and NPO organizations
    • And, the ACC opened communications with the US Department of Justice, FBI and US Department of HHS in order to assure broad response to Anti-Asian Hate incidents.
    • To ensure elected officials heard the voices of the AAPI Community in 2021,
      • The ACC coordinated a meeting of Governor Polis with an AAPI restaurant owner.
      • The ACC coordinated a visit by Senators Bennett and Hickenlooper to the Far East Center to meet with small business owners.
      • Organized the volunteer participation in COVID clinic by Congressman Jason Crow.
      • And brought together Lt. Governor Primavera with the Far East Center and Sakura Square small business owners.

    In the new year, the ACC will continue to provide services and support to the AAPI Small Business Community as they recover from the impact of COVID and Anti-Asian Hate.  We will continue to conduct DEI and leadership trainings to Members, Sponsors and Partners, and we will continue to strengthen the connections between corporate, government and NPOs with the AAPI community.

    Join me in thanking the ACC Board of Directors and Staff who have freely given of their time and talent in all of our efforts – including volunteering as presenters in our Diversity & Inclusion Presentations,  staffing our COVID Vaccine sites and setting up our events. 

    May your New Year bring you the virtues of the Water Tiger – strength, enthusiasm, and determination.

    Fran Campbell

    ACC President and CEO