• Letter from the President & CEO

    Fran Campbell

    June 2022

    Fifteen plus months after our lives were upended by COVID, it’s clear that any prior plans that met our purpose have changed as a result of the impact of COVID and Anti-Asian Hate on our AAPI Small Business Community.  Part of our current 5-year strategy of the Asian Chamber of Commerce Colorado focuses on the fundamental needs of our AAPI Small Business Community and reinforcing alliances with our Corporate Members, Sponsors and Partners.

    First on the list of our primary objectives is to establish a database of Colorado AAPI Small Businesses.  It became apparent during the worst months of COVID that equitable outreach of relief and recovery opportunities was not fully successful due to the inadequate data available of the AAPI Small Businesses. Protection equipment and easing of State & municipal policies (i.e., patio expansions) did not reach everyone in our AAPI Community.  So, the ACC, in partnership with community entities such as Asian Avenue Magazine, the Denver Asian America Pacific Islander Commission, Mile High United Way,  Denver Public Library and the OEDIT Minority Business Office, will build a comprehensive database that will improve outreach and accessibility of the AAPI businesses statewide.

    The ACC is also pursuing the means to increase our capacity so that we are able to provide more technical services and 1-on-1 mentoring to AAPI Small Business owners.   Again, we will collaborate with partners such as Colorado OEDIT Minority Business Office as well as county and municipal offices that also provide technical assistance to business owners.   Additionally, grant funding will modestly supplement our capacity challenges and provide a realistic one-year metric of meeting the needs of the AAPI Small Businesses Community.

    Other initiatives that the Asian Chamber of Commerce Colorado will continue to pursue include our D&I Presentations, our outreach to Southern Colorado AAPI Small Businesses and making the connections you need – in your career, in your company, and in your community.

    Fran Campbell

    ACC President/CEO