• RFP-Nertwork and Telecom cabling support

    Denver Water
    Job Description

    Denver Water is seeking a business partner to provide the network and cabling services for Denver Water’s facilities (the Work”). Denver Water will request these services on a project-to-project basis, as needed.  

    Denver Water has historically utilized a network and cabling contractor to support Denver Water’s Networks and Industrial Controls Systems Section in the Information Technology Division. This service is required on an as- needed basis for network and telephone cabling support, which includes, but is not limited to install, terminate and test data cabling, single and multi-mode fiber, outdoor copper and fiber cable configurations, CAT6 data patch panels, voice blocks and the installation of indoor and outdoor conduit. Site conditions may include but not be limited to attic space or confined crawl space, overhead lines, roofs, ceilings, mountain terrain, manholes, tunnels, pump stations, and outside locations. In addition to the typical work, Denver Water also has occasional large cabling projects that generally will consist of running fiber underground at various locations that may include directional boring and conduit installation. 

    All requests for clarification or additional information must be made in writing to the Procurement Specialist at the e-mail address shown below:


    Procurement Specialist: Emmett Crain

    E-Mail: Emmett.Crain@denverwater.org

    Phone: 303-628-6790


    The Denver Water Procurement Specialist listed above is the sole point of contact between Denver Water and all Proposers. Proposers may not contact any other Denver Water personnel regarding this RFP during the RFP process without prior written authorization of this Procurement Specialist.


    Responses to requests for clarification and additional information and/or changes to the RFP received before the deadline specified in the Schedule of Events will be made by written addendum. All responses to requests for clarification and additional information from any Proposer will be provided to all Proposers. Oral explanations, interpretations or representations given by Denver Water employees cannot be construed as a change to the RFP requirements.

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