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    Job Description

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    Traditional 235 work days 

    FTE: 1.0

    Salary Range: $82,605 - $103,257


    Essential Functions and Objectives:


    Responsible for strategic insight and management of programs and initiatives that affects the district in achieving its long term and overreaching goals. Leads the day to day operations of a broader strategic function and shapes the framework of DPS in a forward thinking and dynamic manner. Primary emphasis is achieving results by building engagement and empowering their teams. Manages district wide initiatives and high impact teams, with a greater span of control.


    The Senior Manager will design and develop a comprehensive organizational culture strategy- that will include, but may not be limited to team member engagement, efforts to honor and recognize colleagues, and expansion of our Values Based Leadership programs. The Senior Manager is committed to helping make DPS the best place for team members to learn, grow and have a positive impact. The Senior Manager will lead a team of program managers and report directly to Executive Director. 


    - Executes functional or departmental plans and contributes to the development of functional or departmental strategies; provides input and advises others on strategy, outside of their function or department. Recommends innovation, significantly modifies and improves current policies and practices. Devises long term operational goals and makes decisions that affect results delivered.

    - Manage and work with respective teams to both influence and implement policies, procedures, programs and initiatives that pertain to their functional unit. Set clear goals, organize work plans, and divide work accordingly. Develops operational plans such as resources, budgets, schedules, and performance.

    - Apply managerial thinking and decision making to deliver results and ensure project/team success. Provides leadership to other managers, supervisors and teams.

    - Solve for complex problems that impact broad segments of the district, including: defining, tackling and mitigating issues or situations. Map or assess situations, formulate options and act as a strong tactical decision maker. Use integrated knowledge of several disciplines or areas of expertise to resolve strategic issues.

    - Establish targets & performance metrics, analyze performance and follow up to ensure achievement plan is attainable.

    - Analyze past trends, identify gaps, and use in depth knowledge to provide recommendations.

    - Work on issues that require in depth knowledge; apply discretion for decisions that could impact business activities & team operations.

    - Collaborate with other functions, peers and teams. Gain credibility and cooperation across the organization. Convey progress and goal results with upper management. Conduct trainings, present findings & materials and other deliverables.

    - Improves team performance through coaching, feedback and mentoring. Entrust and motivate direct reports by providing direction, and facilitate skill building.

    - Design and develop a cohesive organizational culture strategy.

    - Serve as the lead designer of our values-based programs aligned aligned to the LIFT, LEAD, LEAP and CCE growth and performance frameworks.

    - Manage program managers/facilitators and other content experts throughout the organization to deliver high quality development programs.

    - Manage team member engagement and leadership feedback survey to assess organizational needs and opportunities. 

    - Work cross-functionally within the organization to develop partnerships and identify opportunities for collaboration to proactively increase organizational effectiveness.

    - Manage team member engagement programs and initiatives designed to make DPS the best place for team members to learn, grow and have a positive impact including, but not limited to Our DPS Day and DPS Honors.


    Knowledge, Experience & Other Qualifications:


    - Five (5) or more years of experience developing and delivering professional development and managing organizational change initiatives.

    - Five (5) or more years of management responsibility.

    - Experience leading for racial and educational equity.

    - Knowledge of applicable laws and regulations.

    - Strong organizational and analytic skills and strong attention to detail.

    - Superior leadership, coaching and mentoring skills.

    - Ability to develop and interpret data and manage resources.

    - Ability to motivate and influence others.

    - Ability to effectively lead a team.

    - Demonstrated proficiency with Google Suite with emphasis in Sheets, Forms, and Docs as well as Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel and Outlook.

    - Ability to multi-task and juggle management of several high-priority projects in parallel.

    - High degree of integrity in handling confidential information.

    - Strong interpersonal and leadership skills, including the ability to lead a high-performing team.

    - Ability to model a culturally responsive mindset and advocate for equitable practices.

    - Experience working with diverse populations.

    - Highly prefer candidates from diverse backgrounds that represent our diverse student population.


    Education Requirements:


    - Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Development or related field required. 

    - Master's Degree in Organizational Development preferred.


    Other information:


    At the heart of a high performing school district resides a strong sense of purpose, unity and leadership. The team leads the work within DPS that institutionalizes the DPS Shared Core Values into our operating beliefs, practices, leadership development and how we nurture and support district employees to ensure that Every Child Succeeds.


    The Organizational Effectiveness Team oversees the district’s four Values-Based Leadership Pathway Programs: DPS Leadership, DPS Management, DPS Aspire, Creating Connections and DPS Teams. In addition to offering Leadership Programs, we are the nucleus for Equity and Inclusion work. 


    The OCE team is strategic and intentional in playing an invaluable role that allows employees across DPS to realize our Vision: All Students Succeed by creating a work environment that allows adults to achieve their own potential so they can do the best work for kids. We have the honor of being culture champions, paving the way and leading this ground-breaking work in a public education setting. When you join us you join a team that is high-energy, collaborative, optimistic, kind and accountable. 


    About Denver Public Schools:


    Denver Public Schools is committed to meeting the educational needs of every student with great schools in every neighborhood. Our goal is to provide every child in Denver with rigorous, enriching educational opportunities from preschool through high school graduation.  DPS is comprised of nearly 200 schools including traditional, magnet, charter and alternative pathways schools, with an enrollment of more than 90,000 students.  


    DPS has become the fastest-growing school district in the country in terms of enrollment and the fastest-growing large school district in the state in terms of student academic growth.  Learn more at dpsk12.org.  


    Denver Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation. It is our intention that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions be based on job-related factors.