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    Job Description

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    Traditional 212 work days per year 

    FTE: 1.0

    Salary Range: $37,941 - $45,198


    Essential Functions and Objectives:


    Responsible for aligning business objectives to designated departments and functions. Consults with leadership and supports district activities which engage schools, businesses, community leaders and organizations in a collaborative effort to improve performance and achieve team goals.


    The School Technology Partner is designed to provide dedicated technology support one school for 40 hours a week. This position is managed by DPS Department of Technology Services and will report to the School Technology Partner Manager. This position is managed by the Department of Technology Services in partnership with the supported schools. 


    - Provides guidance, makes recommendations, and manages solutions for alternate methods of solving needs or issues within departments. Represents the district in meetings; provides market and customer feedback to partners and management teams. Forms strategic relationships within the community and district network. Builds trusted relationships with customers and key stakeholders by communicating needs and creating synergy.

    - Conducts onsite research, administers studies, evaluates survey results, analyzes and reports on initiatives and goals. Identifies and defines problems within internal departments and determines solutions to inform, influence, and propel solutions. Obtains and analyzes data to discover useful information and recommend solutions for the district. Participates in and supports decision-making processes with the goal of determining success criteria.

    - Ensures adequate lines of communication by conducting meetings, advocating for clients, following up, and negotiating to enhance team partnerships. Maintains communication with partners and clients on relevant topics including new service or product offerings, strategic plans, and beneficial activities. Follows up on leads and inquiries obtained by partners that compliment and support the business.

    - Provides management teams the opportunity to achieve specific personal or professional goals by providing training and guidance. Develops and conducts trainings for managers, such as facilitation, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and effective group interaction skills. Assigns individuals for valuable job-related skills training to improve work performance.

    - Serves as first line of support for issue resolution with all technical issues at each school.

    - Provides instruction and technical consultation to administrators and staff on the various applications and technology. 

    - Evaluates and/or develops school technology plans, coordinating aspects of the District Technology Plan with the plans in the individual schools.

    - Responsible for maintaining all school technology inventory.

    - Responsible for building device configurations and modifications as required.


    Knowledge, Experience & Other Qualifications:


    - Experience and proficiency with Microsoft Office (e.g. Excel, Word, and PowerPoint), Google Suite (e.g. Mail, Docs, and Forms).

    - Experience with mobile devices preferred (e.g. Chromebooks, iPads, and Tablets).

    - Work collaboratively with others on a team.

    - Ability to work in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural environment with district and school leaders, faculty, staff and students.

    - Effective communication skills.

    - Effectively handle multiple demands and competing deadlines.

    - Effective time management and organizational skills.

    - Aptitude for variety and changing expectations and fast-paced environment.

    - Strong attention to detail.

    - The ability to take responsibility for one’s own performance.

    - High degree of integrity in handling confidential information.

    - Demonstrated experience instructing, teaching, and communicating state-of-the-art technology.

    - Comfortable reporting to and prioritizing between multiple influences. 

    - Attention to detail is essential.

    - Strong interpersonal skills.

    - Problem-solving, root-cause analysis.

    - Strong skills in collaborating across teams – between locations/departments/teams.


    Education Requirements:


    - Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field preferred.


    Other information:


    The mission of the DPS Department of Technology Services (DoTS) is to be a proactive partner enabling the success of every child. We support the students, families, and staff of Denver Public Schools by providing the infrastructure, tools, data, and support to enable effective educators and efficient operations. Our leading-edge technology work includes delivering custom portals for our students, parents, teachers, and administrators, managing one of the largest networks in the state of Colorado, providing unparalleled levels of customer support, finding new ways to get technology in the hands of our students, and much more. We believe that technology is a positive, enabling force for parent engagement, student engagement, educator effectiveness, operational efficiency, student safety, and student achievement. By joining us, you too will be enabling the success of every child!


    About Denver Public Schools:


    Denver Public Schools is committed to meeting the educational needs of every student with great schools in every neighborhood. Our goal is to provide every child in Denver with rigorous, enriching educational opportunities from preschool through high school graduation.  DPS is comprised of nearly 200 schools including traditional, magnet, charter and alternative pathways schools, with an enrollment of more than 90,000 students.  


    DPS has become the fastest-growing school district in the country in terms of enrollment and the fastest-growing large school district in the state in terms of student academic growth.  Learn more at dpsk12.org.  


    Denver Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation. It is our intention that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions be based on job-related factors.