• RFP: Background Checks

    Denver Water
    Job Description
    PURPOSE Denver Water requires background screenings for all new employees at their time of hire. The Human Resources Division supervises this screening process, although it is used by the entire organization. Denver Water will require criminal, education, work experience and motor vehicle checks. Periodically Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and credit checks are needed as well.

    BACKGROUND Denver Water requires background screenings for all Denver Water employees, including full time staff, Denver Water temporary workers and interns (those hired for a period of 4 months or less). Denver Water conducts seasonal hiring in April through June for the summer period, which results in a higher number of background checks during those months. Approximately 600 comprehensive background checks are done each year.

    GOALS Contractor will facilitate background checks and deliver results in a timely manner. Contractor will communicate status updates on a regular basis at key phases of the process and will communicate any issues encountered that may result in delays so that Denver Water can interject as needed. 

    OBJECTIVES Communicate reasons for delays and plan of action to resolve issue if background check turnaround time will exceed 72 hours.

    TIMELINE Denver Water anticipates Consultant to begin work no later than March 31, 2023.

    SCOPE The successful Proposer (Contractor) will provide the following services to Denver Water: 1. Background Screening Services Contractor will provide quality information regarding the background of prospective employees and the capability to perform the following screenings (at a minimum): a. General Screenings i. Social Security Number (SSN) verification and validation ii. Name and Address trace iii. Date of Birth iv. Current Residence v. Risk Management: scan for inconsistencies in person’s history to help identify potential fraudulent or misleading information vi. Credit Checks or information: up to seven years history vii. Public Records: relating to financial history b. Criminal History i. Criminal Records check for 7 years, including appropriate County, State and Federal Bureaus as well as international sources ii. For criminal history: previous residences for up to seven years prior c. Motor Vehicle and Driving Records i. Motor Vehicle License(s): validity of currently held license ii. Driving record: lifetime for criminal history and DUI/DWAI charges and convictions, including out of state iii. Driving record: up to seven years for moving violations iv. Motor Vehicle Record Search: One per year for every current employee in Denver Water’s database that is required to maintain a Commercial Driver’s License or Class C Driver’s License for their current position (approximately 400 checks) d. Education Verification i. Education Verification: from most recent degree or certificate back to High School graduation, including all international education ii. Professional License(s): Verification and history e. Employment Verification i. Employment Verification: current and two previous employments as applicable, up to seven years of history, including international employment verification
    2. Turnaround Times a. The Contractor will provide an estimated turnaround time upon receipt of Denver Water’s request to perform a background check. b. Contractor will ensure that all background checks are completed in a timely manner. c. For background checks exceeding a 72-hour turnaround time, Contractor will communicate to Denver Water the causes for delay and plan of action to resolve the issue. The Contractor must contact Denver Water when issues that may cause a delay arise so that additional information or troubleshooting can be provided by Denver Water’s Human Resources Department.
    Work Performance Expectations The Contractor will facilitate all processes of background checks for Denver Water including but not limited to: verifying prospective employee information, providing status updates and delivering completed background check results. a. The Contractor will provide an Account Manager to be the primary point of contact for the Contract. Denver Water reserves the right to approve the Account Manager. b. Contractor will provide a secure, web-based system for submission of background check requests and review of the results. c. Maintain the website throughout the term of the Contract and ensure that it is available during normal business hours d. Contractor will have live support available during normal business hours e. Upon receipt of a request to perform a background check, Contractor will send a confirmation indicating the request was received and being processed and provide an estimated turnaround time. f. The Contractor must demonstrate a proactive approach to responding to screening requests from Denver Water and complete each background check as quickly and efficiently as possible. g. Contractor must contact Denver Water with a confirmation of completion status of the background check within 72 hours or provide a status update with reason for delay and plan of action to resolve the issue. h. It is the Contractor’s responsibility to thoroughly verify each prospective employee screening, including investigating incorrectly spelled names, etc.i. If necessary, Contractor will provide an electronic release form that prospective employees will sign electronically (preferably on the Contractor's website). It is the responsibility of the Contractor to update the form as legislation changes, and subsequently notify Denver Water of the revised form.
    Deliverables a. Provide proof that each different background check was performed to include the results of each screening. If a screening could not be verified, there must be an explanation as to why not. b. Assemble background check packages to include a combination of screenings Denver Water can choose from upon request. c. Contractor will provide a monthly report of all background checks that have been submitted and must include the following information: i. Name of Applicant ii. Date of Screening Request iii. List of all screenings researched iv. Date the final report was submitted to Denver Water v. Denver Water’s background check usage trends The monthly report must be submitted with all invoices to Denver Water for payment. d. It would be a benefit if Contractor could provide an interactive dashboard to check status of background checks of prospective employees.
    Invoice Requirements The Contractor will provide invoices each month for Work accomplished through the last day of the preceding month. The invoices shall include: a. Itemized list of all names checked with each type of screening service that was ran, as well as the total cost charged for each individual. b. Contract or case number
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