• President

    Emily Griffith Foundation
    Job Description
    Deliver high quality, proactive leadership, management, strategic visioning, and fundraising results for the Emily Griffith Foundation, in direct alignment with and in support of the needs of the Emily Griffith Technical College (EGTC) and its students. Champion workforce education in Colorado and nationally in partnership with EGTC. Implement plans and policies authorized by the Board of Directors.
    The President is responsible for the operations of the Emily Griffith Foundation which includes but are not limited to these primary responsibilities.
    Provide Strategic Leadership
    In partnership with the Board of Directors, develop and implement a clear strategic vision for the Foundation and develop effective plans for the successful delivery of that vision.
    Build support for the Foundation’s strategic priorities internally and externally.
    Ensure that the strategic and operating plans for the Foundation align with the needs of the Emily Griffith Technical College.
    Lead Fundraising Efforts
    Develop and implement timely, strategic fundraising plans from a variety of sources including foundations, corporations, other institutions, individuals, and alumni.
    In conjunction with EGTC, research, identify, and prioritize donor opportunities including scholarship funds, capital campaigns, building renovation programs, special projects, endowment funds, and sponsorships.
    Proactively identify existing and new fundraising sources and link donor interests with EGTC needs.
    Cultivate and steward donors for long-term support of EGTC.
    Ensure development of compelling grant proposals and other written materials to seek funding ensuring deadlines and other requirements are consistently met.
    Create, identify, and evaluate fundraising and friendraising events to support EGTC.
    Develop and update as needed policies related to effective donor stewardship and gift use.
    Ensure effective gift administration and acknowledgement processes and reporting.
    Oversee accurate and timely management of donor database; utilize appropriate technology for fundraising, process efficiency, and donor cultivation management.
    Partner with Emily Griffith Technical College
    Partner with the senior leaders of EGTC to develop a culture of philanthropy across the Foundation and the College.
    Work closely with the Executive Director of the Emily Griffith Technical College to identify funding priorities and approaches that align with the EGTC strategic plan priorities.
    Develop strong relationships with EGTC senior leaders to identify and create innovative fundraising opportunities.
    Initiate effective processes with the College to ensure scholarship compliance and utilization.
    Serve as liaison between the College and the Foundation, including serving on EGTC committees as appropriate and building good relationships with faculty and staff.
    Manage and Develop Staff and Volunteers
    Develop and maintain a work environment that supports excellence, accountability, and teamwork.
    Promote work culture that values and demonstrates a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
    Provide clear descriptions of Foundation staff and volunteer roles and performance expectations.
    Ensure an effective, fair, and competitive salary and benefits structure for staff members.
    Provide opportunities and support for individual and team professional development.
    Serve as an effective mentor for staff.
    Oversee Financial and Office Operations
    Develop annual budget with clear fundraising goals for board approval.
    Monitor revenue and expenses and ensure fiscal responsibility.
    Maintain financial records in accordance with federal, state, and nonprofit industry guidelines.
    Oversee distribution of funds according to board priorities and donor requests.
    Ensure robust financial viability and appropriate fiscal management.
    Manage office space, supplies, equipment effectively.
    Oversee all other office activities, correspondence, and business matters.
    Support the Board of Directors
    Proactively engage with board members to leverage their skills, experience and network to best support EGTC and the Foundation.
    In collaboration with the Board Chair, plan agenda and content for board meetings.
    Confirm and document role of board members and provide clarity of expectations for board service to all new board members.
    Oversee the effective workings of board committees.
    In conjunction with the Board Chair and other board members, identify, vet, and recruit new board members, ensuring that strategic priorities for effective governance and diversity of board membership are met.
    Represent the Foundation and the Work of Emily Griffith Technical College Externally
    Champion workforce education and thought leadership of the same through interactions with professional contacts and in partnership with the leaders of EGTC.
    Maintain and cultivate cooperative relationships with the community and serve as a spokesperson for the Foundation, building community awareness of the Foundation and EGTC.
    Maintain visibility and leadership in the community, especially in conjunction with potential donors.
    Coordinate Foundation marketing activities with EGTC marketing efforts to ensure alignment and consistency of public messaging between the two organizations.
    Oversee development and distribution of Foundation publications and marketing materials, including annual reports, newsletters, and the Foundation website.
    Other Activities
    Maintain a working knowledge of significant developments and trends in the nonprofit industry and adapt those to the Foundation as appropriate.
    Perform other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
    $125,000-$150,000, commensurate with skills and experience. Benefits include healthcare, dental, cell phone reimbursement, paid vacations, sick time, and holidays.
    The Emily Griffith Foundation (“EGF”) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation. It is our intention that all qualified applicants be given equal opportunity and that selection decisions be cased on job related factors.
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